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I love the show. For a long, long time. But it has ALWAYS pulled its punches.

Not this time, though. The 50th ended with a twist I never dreamed they'd have the guts to do (and one I wish the show would go with since the reboot started).

Wow. I am VERY impressed and very pleased!

demographics of social networks 2012

Some very interesting stats here on just about every network (broadly defined) you can think of.


How did I never hear about this?




....O NOES

And there's even a Python library. =D


Wow, how did I ever miss these larger editions of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind?

So much better than the smaller, "perfect editions" I've had up to now. The larger edition is a set of seven big trade paperbacks, and they are SO much better for seeing the art.

If you've only seen the smaller editions, or if *gasp!* you've never actually read the series, this is the way to do it. Very much in the spirit of the movie, but even more epic and much more dense (in a totally good way!) than you might expect.

Legend of Korra S1: I have issues

Don't get me wrong: I like Legend of Korra, but....

Sloppy writing, unsettling questions about gender and privilege, and some major missed opportunitiesCollapse )

Anyway, very interested in hearing what all of you think.


I think this might be the best video pinball game ever: Snowball.

Very cute but also a challenge. Flippers everywhere!

j.k. rowling's new one

Her publisher has posted a summary of J.K. Rowling's upcoming novel, A Casual Vacancy.

Most authors seem to flame out horribly when their first book is a gargantuan success. It's not just that their sales never match that first triumph--how could they?--but that even the premises of their later works seem incredibly dull.

But, you know what? Reading that summary has me really looking forward to the book. It sounds like it could be hilarious and plays to her strengths.

A black comedy about petty, mean-spirited, local politics? From her? I am so completely there.

St. Patrick's Spam Box

In the box today:

"Hump me, I'm Irish!"

...I'm not even sure where to start with that one.

"John Carter" - a non-spoilery reaction

I liked it!

Disclaimer: My dad has been a lifelong Burroughs fan, so the plan always was to go see it with him and have it be something we both enjoyed. Well: mission accomplished! But I'll grant I was somewhat biased to like it, but still:

1) Yes, it's messy and tries to pack too much of the book into a movie, so some things are more rushed than they should be. But that's not as true as some reviewers are suggesting (anybody reading this has seen plenty of movies where there was a genuine problem with this). Motivations aren't as nailed down as they should be, but if you thought Thor was fine (and I did), I think you'll be happy to give John Carter a pass here too.

2) It's a fun movie to watch, partly because of its messiness, which I think comes from love for the material.

3) It finds humor in the original Burroughs but still respects its source. (That includes keeping Thark/green Martian society nearly as unpleasant as it is in the book, which I wasn't expecting.)

4) Airships! I saw the movie on an IMAX screen, and holy crap, are they pretty.

5) There are some issues with CGI people not quite having the 'weight' they should, but this was *much* less true than I was expecting from the trailers. The early scene where Carter adjusts to Martian gravity is where writer/director Andrew Stanton really shows he's a Pixar guy.

6) Dejah Thoris gets a successful makeover. Still recognizably the book character, but more dynamic in a good, post-Buffy way. Lynn Collins seems to be having fun playing her.

Are there problems? Sure! Will [personal profile] ashen_key and/or [personal profile] camwyn find things to fix? Yup. But I predict they'll be tweaks and clarifications, not major overhauls.

The cast is amazing, and fans of the series Rome should watch for an amusing pairing of two actors again. (Actually, it's three, but one of them is CGI/voice-role so her part in it isn't obvious until the credits. And they aren't the only ex-Rome people in the movie, so there's drinking game potential.) Some people do get short-changed a bit (Dominic West, etc), but just having them there helps the movie.

Anyway: yes, I'm biased. But I recommend people go see it. And an IMAX screen is worth it.
There, that's better. I've created DW accounts for all my pups, and have them all prepped for importing. Most of them seem to be done already, in fact. So, yeah, that was MUCH easier than I feared it would be.

Probably more to do, especially for cleaning up layouts and such, but that can wait for later.

five best desktop comics readers

Saw this on Lifehacker, and thought people would like to see it.

I'm trying Simple Comic now, and it seems pretty nice. Anything to replace Comical, which just crashes every time I look at it funny.

teenage mutant ninja noses

I'd say agoodshinkickin's next fashion statement is clear.

I eagerly await photos.

Re-imagining Buffy Season 6/Angel Season 3

Something I happened to think of this morning, that I know wish Joss had thought to do back in the day:

So if we assume season six was all about life, and the trials and tribulations people go through as they enter adulthood and get older, how about this:

Instead of ending with Dark Willow, suppose we keep all the parts about Buffy and the Scoobies taking responsibility for their lives, but then introduce a different, supernatural plot to run parallel with that.

This plot would involve the rise of a virus that afflicts the undead and subjects them to effects very similar to rapid aging. This wouldn't be *actual* aging, of course, but the results would be much the same. This could very likely be a carryover from the Initiative, perhaps some research someone found (ok, it could have even been 'the Trio') and didn't understand nearly as well as they thought they did (ok, definitely 'the Trio'). The project had been intended as a new way to understand how vampirism happens, but the Trio let the virus get loose by accident, and it begins to rip through the undead population.

Inevitably, both Spike and Angel contract it, forcing both of them to realize that aging--something they both thought they had left behind forever--is now a worse problem for them than for Buffy and her friends. If the Scoobies are learning to be adults (and Team Angel continues to cope with being them already), the two vampires are having to confront 'life changes' in a much more immediate way.

So the rest of B6 and A3 are spent with everyone desperately trying to find a cure for the virus. The Scoobies take one approach, and Team Angel an entirely different one (since crossovers were always a problem back then). And in all that time, some in both groups--most notably Giles, Xander, Wesley, Gunn--can't get rid of the idea that maybe curing the virus is just what they should *not* do. That the loss of Angel (sorry, none of them would mourn Spike much) might be worth a world finally rid of the undead. This, needless to say, doesn't go over well with Buffy, Cordy, Fred, or Willow.

In the end, of course, a cure is found, and Spike and Angel recover. Mostly. Because the ravages of the virus never quite go away, and as a result (again staying with the season six theme of life, aging, and responsibility), Boreanaz and Marsters--oh, I mean Angel and Spike, of course--will always appear older than they used to, and will probably continue to show subtle but noticeable signs of 'aging' left behind by the virus. Like, say, a decade or so later.

Oh. See what I just did there? ;)

iTunes streaming radio to read comics by

If your iTunes is like mine, try out "AAN Soundtracks" under 'Eclectic.' It's non-stop tracks from SF/fantasy/horror/blockbuster movies. Perfect for Wednesday evenings!

There's also a 'Final Fantasy Radio', which is more hit-and-miss, but worth bookmarking. And several others in 'Eclectic' that might be good too.

Because sometimes even *I* get tired of listening to the 'Heavy Metal' score and soundtrack every week. =)

comics recommendation!

It's called Nonplayer, and it's way pretty. Just look at that preview.

The story is Dot Hack-ish. Only one issue so far, but a very nice start.

If your local comic shop has it, give it a look.


Ok, DC Comics, ok, you win!

I swear I'll buy every #1 in September. I promise.

Just, please, stop with the awful Subway comic inserts. Sweet gods, STOOOOOOOOOPP.

Holy crap, somebody reinvented them. Downfall is the movie that just keeps on giving to the internets.

This one's also one of the funnier scripts I've seen. =)

'Green Lantern'

So I finally saw the movie, and for what it's worth, here's what I thinkCollapse )
Because after reading Brightest Day: The Search for Swamp Thing, I'm more horrified by the portrayal of the British.

But I guess, at least, now we know what it would be like to have John Constantine done by Dick Van Dyke, with a special appearance by Adam Sandler as Batman.

another GL trailer!

And this one is nifty. All the GL backstory, including the best look yet at a Guardian.... who looks damn cool, actually.

Still some goofiness here and there, but like the last one, these are SO much improved on that very first one.

Bring it!

brightest day, whut?

Ok, so after a year, DC is bringing the whole Brightest Day thing to a close, and I'm left wondering: what was the point of any of that, exactly?

Was the White Lantern--and, therefore, a connection to the Green Lanterns--necessary for any of what happened? Not in the slightest, really. The White Lantern was nothing but a MacGuffin.

Ok, yes, characters relegated to the Vertigo world are now back in the DCU. But are we seriously expected to believe DC Comics actually gives an enormous shit about that? I love the characters that have crossed back over, but one of them hasn't had a book in print for years, and while the other has never gone out-of-print, that book barely sells 10,000 copies a month. So, this is not exactly an earth-shattering event, even by the much-reduced standards of comics today.

The series Brightest Day itself now seems like 24 issues of one non-event after another, none of which hung together at all except for that White Lantern connection which could have been left out entirely without making the slightest difference.

Birds of Prey is back, and I'm very pleased about that, but other than the addition of Dove and Hawk, any truly meaningful connection to BD has escaped me. Green Arrow has meandered about incoherently for a year, concluding this week with.... basically another underwhelming non-event. Did any of that mean a damn thing to Ollie's story? Not that I can see. Jade's story has been covered in JLA, but Robinson seems to be doing a lot of meandering of his own, and I'm not seeing how any of it relates to the events in BD. *

The only remotely interesting thing to come out of BD has been Generation Lost, which was genuinely entertaining (and one last thank you to sdelmonte for convincing me to stick with it). But, again, that series could have been set up without any reference whatever to BD.

So, seriously.... was there actually a point to any of that?

(* Though I do admit the current line-up of the JLA pleases me immensely, and it's been a pretty decent read. It's just the relevance to BD that escapes me.)

comparing buffy & spn seasons six

Man, am I kicking myself for not having noticed all of this as it was happening.

And I like that it's not a hatchet job on SPN for following the same track. It's that the two shows reached the same turning point and so they had similar issues to address. (Well, ok, SPN needn't have been *that* close.)

roseanne on sexism

A very interesting article by Roseanne Barr about sexism in Hollywood. You won't be surprised to find she ran into a lot of it, but it definitely keeps your attention to the end. Not especially surprised to find there's still bad blood either.

Her passing reference to Joss Whedon makes me wish somebody would ask him sometime what he learned from working on that set, especially when it comes to creating a positive work environment.

how to turn your kids into D&D geeks

The video is almost impossibly cute.

I may have to name my next PC 'Wacky'.

profile of wesley

An indepth look that's really nicely done.

tron: uprising

The animated trailer is up on YouTube.

Pretty! And good voice actors too. (Yay, Bruce Boxleitner!)

aperture science

Has a gift-buying guide for Valentine's Day. =D